821. 10 Downing street is the residence of :

A. Queen of England
B. British Prime Minister *
C. French President
D. American President

822. Rafael Nadal is a famous player of _______-.

A. Football
B. Tennis *
C. Table Tennis
D. Hockey

823. Which of the following is not a member of economic cooperation organization (ECO)_______.

A. Pakistan
B. Afghanistan
C. Chechnya *
D. Kazakistan

824. Bolan pass, a mountain pass in balochistan passes through the ________.

A. Kirthar range
B. Sulaiman range
C. Toba Kakar range *
D. Chaghi range

825. The only government in india headed by the all india muslim league in 1946 was that of ____.

A. Sindh *
B. Punjab
C. Bengal
D. Northe west frontier post

826. Allam iqbal qualified as PHD Scholar from___________.

A. Punjab university lahore
B. Oxford university UK
C. Cambridge university UK
D. Munich university ,Germany *

827. Islamabad was made capital of pakistan in the year__________.

A. 1956
B. 1957
C. 1959
D. 1960 *

828. Radcliffe was by profession ___________.

A. A doctor
B. An engineer
C. A lawyer *
D. A dentist.

829. Pakistan recognized people’s republic of china in __________.

A. 1951
B. 1949 *
C. 1950
D. 1948

830. “Margalla hills” are a part of which mountain range ?

A. Karakoram
B. Hindukush
C. Himalayas *
D. Western ghats