131. Pakistan recognised People’s Republic of China on 21st May:

C.1950 *

132. “Tilla Jogian” is

A.is a peak in the Sulaiman range
B.finds mention in the epic love poem Heer Ranjha of Waris Shah *
C.Is the place where Buddha is said to have spent 40 days in a quiet seclusion
D.all of these

133. Doaba Rachna is located between the river Chenab and river _____

A.Ravi *

134. The name of delta formed by the Indus river is

A.Sapta Sindhu *
C.sunderban delta

135. The pass which connects Pakistan with China is known as

A.Khojak pass
B.Khunjerab pass *
C.Shandur pass
D.Peiwar Kotal pass

136. Immediately before the formation of “one unit” in West Pakistan, Bahawalpur enjoyed the status of a:

A.province *

137. Multan is also affectionately known as

A.City of dust
B.City of sohan halwa
C.city of Mosques
D.city of saints *

138. Which bank gave a Rs.80 million loan to the government of Pakistan on the request of Quaid-e-Azam when the reserve bank of India failed to deliver Pakistan’s share?

A.National bank of Pakistan
B.Habib bank limited *
C.United bank limited
D.Muslim commercial bank

139. The first chief minister of punjab after creation of pakistan was:

A.Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan
B.Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot *
C.Mian Mumtaz Khan Daultana
D.Nawab Sir Khizar Hayat Tiwana

140. The tune of the national anthem of Pakistan was composed by:

A.Khawaja Khurshid Anwar
B.Naushad Ali
C.Sohail Rana
D.Ahmed G. Chagla *