981. Which of the following provinces of afghanistan is situated adjacent to Durrand Line ?

A. Paktika *
B. Herat
C. Kunduz
D. Bamyan

982. Which of the following terms represent 1024 Kilobytes ?

A. Megabyte *
B. Kilobyte
C. Terabyte
D. All of these .

983. Who was the first owner of Microsoft company ?

A. Marck Zukerberg
B. Dick Cheney
C. Bill Gates *
D. Steve Joba

984. A network that cover large area, city country and beyond is called ?

B. WAN *
C. Router
D. Bridge

985. Under the schengen agreement, people can travel across borders of participating countries in Europe without passports being checked .Where is Schengen located ?

A. The Netherland
B. Italy
C. Austria
D. Luxemberg *

986. Otto Von Bismarck was ___________.

A. Great historian of great britain
B. Architect of German Empire *
C. Czar of Russia
D. King emperor of Austria.

987. CV Or Curriculum vitae is very ofter used . From which language the term curriculum vitae derived ?

A. French
B. Greek
C. Latin *
D. German

988. Shoal is a group of :

A. Seagulls
B. Penguins
C. Crocodiles
D. Fish *

989.JPG extension usually refers to what kind of file ?

A. System File
B. Animation File
C. M.S encarta doc.
D. Image File *

990. Who among the following is the founder of wikipedia ?

A. Peer schneider
B. Bryan looper
C. Jimmy wales *
D. Mark Fletcher