1901. Head Quarter of NATO is in :

A. London
B. Brussels *
C. New York
D. Washington

1902. “Dardanelle” is a :

A. A strait between Europe and Asiatic Turkey *
B. Name of mountain chan
C. An indian terrorist
D. A strait between Asia and North America

1903. Referendum is held to :

A. Ascertain people’s will *
B. To confirm presidentiship
C. Both above
D. None above

1904. Kofi Anan belongs to :

A. Egypt
B. Ghana *
C. Kenya
D. Brazil

1905. Abdul Kalam is :

A. Indian foreign minister
B. Indian home minister
C. Indian defence minister
D. Indian president *

1906. Fair weather glacier is situated ?

A. Iceland
B. Norway
C. Alaska *
D. None

1907. Dante was a :

A. Poet *
B. Engineer
C. Doctor
D. None

1908. PCO stands for :

A. Provincial constitutional order *
B. Provicial collectorate of organization
C. Presidential constituional ordinance

1909. The study of fossil plants and animals is done under :

A. Palaeontology *
B. Ecology
C. Paltography
D. Chronolgy

1910. Physical basis of life is :

A. Protoplasm *
B. Nucleoplasm
C. Cytoplasm
D. lysosome