1091. Pick out the right word .

A. Contemperory
B. Contemporarry
C. Contemporary *
D. Contamporary

1092. A policeman was killed and forty labourers wounded in the_____ between a band of strikers and the police yesterday.

A. War
B. Battle
C. Fight *
D. None of these

1093. He cannot stop you ________Coming here.

A. at
B. By
C. From *
D. To

1094. advertisement will __________your sale.

A. Boost *
B. Hoist
C. Lift
D. Aid

1095. He lives _______ a small income.

A. On *
B. At
C. In
D. With

1096. Students are advised to write their names ____________.

A. Through
B. With
C. In *
D. By

1097. He is a Rajput by ______________.

A. Caste *
B. Cost
C. cast
D. None of these

1098. I am astonished _________his behaviour.

A. To
B. At *
C. With
D. On

1099. A monkey is not capable ______Flying in the air.

A. At
B. From
C. Of *
D. with

1100. I said to joe “always speak the truth ” (Find out the correct indirect sentence )

A. I request joe to speak the truth always.
B. I asked joe speak the truth always.
C. I advised Joe to speak the truth always *
D. I told Joe to speak the truth always.