271. The national accountability bureau ordinance was promulgated in

B.1999 *

272. Which of the following districts of Punjab has the lowest population density

D.D.G khan *

273. The glands which secrete tears in human body are called

A.pituitary glands
B.adrenal glands
C.lachrymal glands *
D.salivary glands

274. The first spacecraft which landed on the surface of the moon on July 16, 1969 was

A.skylab l
B.apollo 7
C.apollo ll *
D.sputnik 5

275. Horticulture is a branch of science dealing with

A.the cultivation of flowers,fruits,vegetables and ornamental plants *
B.the description of individual cultures
C.the origin.distribution and distinguishing characteristics of races of mankind
D.the study of animal behaviour

276. Partition of India Constitution was passed by Britian Parliament in

A.12 June 1947
B.18 July 1947 *
C.13 Aug 1947

277. Who demanded a separate Muslim homeland in 1930 at Allahabad

A.allama iqbal *
B.quaid e azam
C.liquat ali
D.sir sayyed ahmed khan

278. The famous pamphlet ‘now or never’ was written by

A.sir sayyed ahmed khan
B.ch. rehmat ali *
C.muhammad ali johar
D.allama iqbal

279. Who became the prime minister of Pakistan after the death of Liaquat Ali Khan?

A.mohd. All bogra
B.ghulam muhammad
C.kh. nazimuddin *
D.ch. muhammad ali

280. Baglihar Dam a disputed dam between India and Pakistan is built in

A.held kashmir *
B.azad kashmir