1601. The last European power to india for trade______.

A. England *
B. Portugal
C. France
D. None

1602. Beirut is the capital of _________.

A. Lebanon *
B. Syria
C. Iraq
D. None

1603. Fighter plane mirage is manufactured by________.

A. Canada
B. France *
C. Britain
D. None

1604. National Currency of Italy is _______.

A. Pound
B. Franc
C. Euro *
D. None

1605. Vasco Da Gama came to india in _______.

A. 1498 *
B. 1392
C. 1870
D. None

1606. Silk Air is an Airline of ________.

A. Srilanka
B. Switzerland
C. Singapore *
D. China

1607. Aeroflot is the name of _______.

A. Soviet Airline *
B. Dutch Airline
C. British Transport System
D. None

1608. Non-Permanent members of the security council serve for _______.

A. 3 Years
B. 4 Years
C. 2 Years *
D. None

1609. Soviet Parliament is called ______.

A. Supreme Soviet
B. Soviet Congress
C. Politburo
D. None *

1610. Dhahran is in _______.

A. Kuwait
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Syria *
D. None