2161. Which ooze is found in great abundance in the Atlantic Ocean ?

A. Radiolarian
B. Pteropod
C. Globigerina *
D. Diatorn

2162. What is meant by humid farming ?

A. Farming without irrigation
B. Farming in rainy seasons *
C. Farming in semi-arid regions
D. Contour farming

2163. A local wind that blows from sea towards land is :

A. Land Breeze
B. Sea Breeze *
C. Norwester
D. Sirocco

2164. The river irrawaddy is the life-blood of :

A. Myanmmar *
B. Bangladesh
C. Thailand
D. Laos

2165. Which is an example of a foot-loose industry ?

A. Hydro power generation
B. Chemical industry
C. Electronics industry *
D. Ferilizers industry

2166. In pakistan iron ore is found in :

A. Muslimbagh
B. Kalabagh *
C. Chaman
D. Chaghi

2167. What is horticulture ?

A. Growing of flowers and fruits *
B. Rearing animals for meat and skins
C. Farming without crop rotation
D. Cultivation of crops without any machinery

2168. Rice needs :

A. Low temperature and heavy rainfall
B. High temperature and low rainfall
C. Heavy rainfall and high temperature *
D. Low temperature and low rainfall

2169. Which of the following regions have the lowest salinity ?

A. Atlantic ocean
B. Dead sea
C. Mediterranean sea *
D. Great lake

2170. The grassland of Asia is called :

A. Downs
B. Velds
C. Pampes
D. Steppe *