861. What do you understand by the term “Brain Drain” ?

A. Mad Person
B. Migration of skilled labour to other countries. *
C. Emigration of intellectuals
D. ILiteracy and ignorance.

862. Aral Sea is located in _________.

A. Latin America
B. Central Asia *
C. Africa
D. Centeral Africa

863. Why “Black sea ” is so called ?

A. The dense fog that prevails there in winter.
B. A large number of black rocks in the water.
C. The water of sea is black.
D. None *

864. The Muslims of mindanao island are struggling for their total partial rights in _________.

A. Japan
B. South Africa
C. Philippines *
D. Myanmar

865. On cash,gold, and silver zakat is paid at a rate of ______.

A. One percent
B. Two Percent
C. Two and Half percent *
D. Three Percent.

866. Ushr is levied on the agricultural production artificially irrigated at the rate of _______.

A. One Tenth
B. One Twenthieth *
C. One Fifth
D. None of these

867. Dow Jones is stock exchange market of _________.

A. Tokyo
B. London
C. New York *
D. None

868. Which of the following UN agencies has recieved noble peace prize?

C. UN high commissioner for refugees
D. All of these *

869. “Nippon” is th former name of _________

A. Netherland
B. Finland *
C. Scotland
D. Ireland

870. The largest cricket stadium of the world is __________.

A. Melbourne cricket club *
B. Sharjah Cricket Club
C. The Oval London
D. Gaddafi Stadium Lahore