1291. Which of the following event Did not occur in Ramadhan?

A. Battle of Badr
B. Battle of Uhud *
C. Battle of the Trench
D. Conquest of Makkah

1292. In which year Did the Muslims fight their first Naval Battle?

A. 2 A.H
B. 13 A.H
C. 31 A.H *
D. 67 A.H

1293. In what year did sayyidna Ummar, RA accept Islam?

A. 610 CE
B. 616 CE *
C. 634 CE
D. 644 CE

1294. The Holy Quran is generally printed in ________.

A. Nastaliq script *
B. Kufi Script
C. Naskh Script
D. Shikasta Script

1295. Imam Bukhari Hailed from _______.

A. Malaysia
B. India
C. Egypt
D. Turkmenistan *

1296. Prophet Muhammad PBUH While immigrating to Madina took refuge in _______.

A. Cave Hira
B. Cave Thaur *
C. Dar-i-Arqam
D. Masjid-e-Nabwe

1297. Prophet Muhammad PBUH visited Ghar-e-Hira for ________.

A. Recitation
B. Memorization
C. Meetings
D. Meditation/Tahanuth *

1298. The Najashi King of Habsha with whom the muslims for the first time took refuge was a _____.

A. Jew
B. Hindu
C. Mushrik
D. Christian *

1299. The Duration of sociol boycott of Muslims in Shi-b abi talib was for ________.

A. 10 Years
B. 7 Years
C. 5 Years
D. 3 Years *

1300. Sulh-i-Hudibiyya was written by __________.

A. Hazrat Abu Bakr
B. Hazrat Ali *
C. Hazrat Umar
D. Prophet Muhammad PBUH