1051. How many verses are there in the Holy Quran ?

A. 6667
B. 6668
C. 6666 *
D. 6669

1052. The Pillars of Islam are _______

A. 4
B. 5 *
C. 6
D. 7

1053. Ahmad bin baytar was a __________

A. Botanist
B. Chemist *
C. Minister
D. Physicist

1054. Al Zahrawi was the court physician of ________

A. AL-Hakim II *
B. Haroon-ur-Rasheed
C. Mamun-ur-Rasheed
D. Al- Hakim IV

1055. Shab-e-Abl Talab( A valley near Makkah )Was

A. The refuge of Muslim against social boycott *
B. An Important trade passage
C. A farm house of abi Talib
D. A lake for storage of water

1056. Ushr and Khums are :

A. Two months of islamic calendar
B. Two kinds of tax in islam *
C. Two prominent warriors of Islam
D. None of these

1057. The Maximum Number of Haffiz-e-Quran were Martyred in the ________.

A. Jang-e-Khandaq
B. Jang-e- Uhad
C. Jang-e-Yamamama
D. Other than these three *

1058. Surah Al-Kausar is the shortest Surat of the Holy Quran. The number of its verses( Ayaat) Is________.

A. Three *
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six

1059. Which is the second pillar of islam ?

A. Zakat
B. Salat *
C. Hajj
D. Jihad

1060. To which language does the word salat Belong?

A. Urdu
B. Arabic *
C. Persian
D. Punjabi