1361. Who was the Roman god of the seas?

A. Neptune *
B. Jupiter
C. Venus
D. Mars

1362. Total Population of Isreal is _________.

A. 5 Millions
B. 6 Millions
C. 7 Millions
D. 8 Millions *

1363. Which city is known as the city of canals?

A. Paris
B. Moscow
C. Venice *
D. Rome

1364. Which city is considered the “Mecca of the Hindus”?

A. Benarus *
B. Delhi
C. Aligarh
D. Deoband

1365. Philately , a name given to a hobby of _______.

A. Gardening
B. Reading
C. Fish Farming
D. Stamp Collection *

1366. Who was the first Europeon to visit the Far east?

A. Ibn Batuta
B. Morcopolo *
C. Al-Beruni
D. Caesar

1367. What is the name of stephenson’s first engine?

A. The arrow
B. The Traveler
C. The Rocket *
D. The Giant

1368. Ice Hockey is the national game of ________.

A. France
B. Canada *
C. Japan
D. Belgium

1369. The Davis cup is for _________.

A. Cricket
B. Hockey
C. Tennis *
D. Football

1370. “Polo” is an ancient game dating back to BC 525. It’s origion was in______.

A. Chitral *
B. Kashmir
C. Tibet
D. Darjling