1071. What Cause Hazrat Osman’s (RA) death?

A. He was martyred by rebels *
B. He died on a natural Death
C. Died in a battlefield
D. None of the above.

1072. Waht is the title of Hazrat Ibrahim(AS)?

A. Khalil Ullah *
B. Kalim Ullah
C. Siaf Ullah
D. Jad-ul-Ambia

1073. At What age was Hazrat Ali (RA) Martyred ?

A. 55
B. 58
C. 60 *
D. 67

1074. What is the duty of the angel Mekail ?

A. In-Charge of the protection and also to bring rains. *
B. To blow the Trumpet on the day of Judgement
C. In charge of taking the life of living creatures.
D. None of the above.

1075. In which Year did the tragedy of Karbala take place ?

A. 55 Hijrah
B. 61 Hijrah *
C. 63 Hijrah
D. 65 Hijrah

1076. Which tribe of Quraish , Hazrat Umar Belonged to ?

A. Banu Hashim
B. Banu Umayyah
C. Bannu Addi *
D. None of these.

1077. The age of Hazrat usman (RA) at the time of his martyrdom was :

A. 80 *
B. 78
C. 76
D. 74

1078. Who was the mother of Hazrat Usman (RA)?

A. Arwa *
B. Salma Bint Sukha
C. Hantima bint Hasham
D. Fatima Bint Asad

1079. In which Surah obligations of ablution are described ?

A. AL-Baqarah
B. AL-Maidah *
C. AL-Noor
D. AL-Anaam

1080. Qazaf Means :

A. False accusation of adultery *
B. false accusation of robbery
C. False accusation of rape
D. False accusation of murd