841. The First country to accept pakistan’s independence was ___________.

A. Iran *
B. Saudi arabia
C. Turkey
D. China

842. Sultanate of oman ceded the gwadar enclave to pakistan in _________.

A. 1960
B. 1956
C. 1958 *
D. 1961

843. Which of the following was not a stated objective of the Aligarh movement.

A. To clarify to the British that Muslims alone were not responsible for the 1857 revolt against them.
B. To persuade Muslims to learn the english language and western sciences.
C. To prepare modern Muslim leadership for achieving a separate homeland. *
D. To reinterpret teachings of island and bring them in harmony with modern knowledge.

844. The government of India was taken over by the British crown in_________.

A. 1858 *
B. 1857
C. 1849
D. None

845. The main justification for introducing eighteenth amendment was ______.

A. To introduce a transparent mechanism for appointment of judges.
B. To establish a new high court at Islamabad.
C. To grant maximum legislative and fiscal autonomy to provinces. *
D. To grant a central role to the council of common interests for regulating the relations between Centre an the provinces.

846. Which of the following is not a Scandinavian country?

A. Poland *
B. Norway
C. Denmark
D. Sweden

847. Quaid-e-Azzam Muhammad ali jinnah remained the governor general of Pakistan for almost_______.

A. 10 Months
B. 11 Months
C. 12 Months
D. 13 Months *

848. Which area of punjab with muslim majority was awarded to india by the boundary commission in 1947?

A. Ferozpur *
B. Jalandhar
C. Amratsar
D. Hoshiarpur

849. The state means_________.

A. Federal Government
B. Provincial Governments
C. Parliament
D. All of the above *

850. The Famous Al-Tehrir square is in _______.

A. Istanbul
B. Damascus
C. Cairo *
D. Kabul