1171. In 1615 Sir Thomas Roe was sent by the English king to the court of _________.

A. Akbar
B. Jhangir *
C. Shah Jahan
D. Aurangzeb

1172. Mujadid Alf-e-sani advocated the concept of ______.

A. Mahdautl Wajood
B. Wahdatul Shahood *
C. Devine Creation of Quran
D. Noor-Bashar

1173. Mughal Empire reached its decline partially because of religious fundamentalism of _______.

A. Aurangzeb *
B. Bhadur Shah
C. Jahandar Shah
D. Farukh Siyar

1174. During 1737-38 Shah Wali ullah translated Quran Into.

A. French
B. English
C. Urdu
D. Persian *

1175. June 1757 battle of plassey was fought between the forces of East india company and .

A. Bahadur Shah
B. Siraj-u-Daulah *
C. Ahmad Shah abdali
D. Nadir Shah Durrani

1176. After defeating Tipu Sultan, East india company got control of ______.

A. Hyderabad
B. Delhi
C. Bombay
D. Mysore *

1177. Lord Dalhousie’s annexation policy and doctrine of Lapse created unrest in ________.

A. Princess *
B. Farmers
C. Hindu Pandit
D. Sikh Guru

1178. Rani of Jhansi whole heartedly contributed to the war of _________.

A. Anti-Narcotics
B. Terror
C. Independence *
D. The words

1179. East india company’s last governor general in india was ______.

A. Lord canning *
B. Jimes wilson
C. Samuel Laing
D. John Lawrence

1180. Risala Asbab-o-baghawat-e-hind was written by _______.

A. Shibi Nomani
B. Syed Ameer Ali
C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan *
D. Syed Mehmood