971. The total number of Articles in the constitution of pakistan 1973 are _________.

A. 280 *
B. 290
C. 300
D. None of these

972. What does PAC stands for ?

A. Pakistan atomic council
B. Public Accounts committee *
C. Punjab agriculture Corporation
D. Public Audit Code.

973. He is a famous muslm historian jurist, philospher as well as a politician of the 14th century__________.

A. Shams-u-din Khalikan
B. Abdur Rehman Ibn Kahildun *
C. Abu Bakar Muhammad Ibne Yahya
D. Ibn-ul-Arabi

974. Which country opposed Pakistan’s application to join the UN in 1947?

B. Oman
C. Cambodia
D. Afghanistan *

975. The world’s Largest Island (Excluding Australia) is _________.

A. Madagascar
B. Sumarta
C. New Guinea
D. Greenland *

976. of the following which one is military alliance ?


977. The famous “Baltit fort is located in ?

A. Hunza Valley *
B. Naran Valley
C. Chitral
D. Dir

978. Transparency International is a leading international NGO , Which focuses on addressing issues related to _________.

A. Enviromental Degradation
B. Corruption *
C. Animal Rights
D. International Banking transactions

979. In which year was the universal declaration of human rights adopted ?

A. 1945
B. 1947
C. 1948 *
D. 1951

980. Which of the following countries has been under longest continuous military rule ?

A. Somalia
B. Myanmar *
C. Pakistan
D. Sri Lanka