881. “Nepra” Stands for_______________.

A. National economic planning and research agency.
B. Nuclear engergy preserving and regulating authority.
C. National Electric Power regulatory authority. *
D. National Electric potential revamping authority.

882. Indentify pakistan’s largest gas fired power station ?

A. Faisalabad gas turbine power plant
B. Uch Power plant *
C. Gomal Power Plant
D. Malakand power plant

883. What is meant by ” petticoat government?

A. A government is exile
B. A government run by a woman. *
C. A government without actual power
D. A government run by some feudal lords.

884. Light travel from sun to earth in :

A. 2 Minutes
B. 4 Minutes
C. 6- 1/2 Minutes
D. 8- 1/2 Minutes *

885. The electoral college of Pakistan for the election of president of Pakistan consists of ______.

A. The members of the provincial assemblies
B. The members of both houses.
C. The members of both houses and the members of the provincial assemblies .*
D. The members of nantional assembly

886. By which act of india women were granted right to vote?

A. Govt of india Act, 1935 *
B. Govt of indai Act, 1919
C. Indian Councils Act, 1861
D. Legislative councils Act, 1861

887.Gandhi raised the slogan of “Quit india” Quaid-e-azam raised another slogan to counter it as under____

A. Divide and rule
B. Divide and quit *
C. Rule and Divide
D. None of the above

888. WhichMuslim women participated in all the three round table conference?

A. Begum Shah Nawaz *
B. Amjad Begum
C. Fatima Jinnah
D. Banu Begum

889. When quetta was devastated by a severe earthquake?

A. 29 May, 1935
B. 28 May, 1935
C. 31 May, 1935 *
D. 30 May, 1935

890. Which army officer was the 1st recipient of “Nishan -i-Haider” ?

A. Major Aziz Bhatti shaheed
B. Major Mithammad akram Shaheed
C. Captain Sarwar Shaheed *
D. Major Shabir sharif shaheed