1281. Choose the word with Correct spellings______.

A. Begnning
B. Beginning *
C. Begining
D. Begainning

1282. Choose the word with correct spellings________.

A. Secretiariate
B. Secratariate
C. Secretariat *
D. Secretarite

1283. To clip the wings means _____.

A. To Limit On *
B. To catch the bird
C. To cut the wings of the bird
D. To control hair

1284. Out of the Blue means _________.

A. To do impossible
B. To make use of time
C. To celebrate birthday
D. Suddenly *

1285. Hit the Road means ________.

A. To go abroad
B. To sit in the road
C. To start Journey *
D. To run on the road

1286. Flex the Muscle means _________.

A. To stretch the muscle
B. To show authority *
C. Take heavy exercise
D. To lift up something

1287. Keep tabs on means _______.

A. To follow strictly
B. To do something
C. To keep under observation *
D. To steal something

1288. Mixed feelings means _______.

A. Romantic Feelings
B. Conflicting emotions *
C. Hateful feelings
D. To have some good and bad feelings about someone

1289. He is himself to himself means _________.

A. Not like to talk with others
B. To remain silent
C. To limit one’s feelings
D. All of these *

1290. X+X+X =?

A. 3X *
B. X3
C. 3×3
D. x2+X