1871. What is the total length of Makran Coastal highway which is constructed with the help of china :

A. 595KM
B. 625KM
C. 653KM *
D. 732KM

1872. What is the lenght of peshawar to karachi railway route ?

A. 1605KM
B. 1661KM
C. 1681KM
D. 1725KM *

1873. The first nuclear power plant was set up in karachi in :

A. 1971
B. 1970
C. 1972 *
D. 1973

1874. When was the first woman bank established in Pakistan?

A. Dec 1, 1988
B. Dec 1, 1989 *
C. Dec 1, 1973
D. August 14,1948

1875. Yusuf Zulekha was written by :

A. Ghulam Rasul *
B. Bulhe Shah
C. Hashim Shah
D. Waris Shah

1876. “The indus saga and the making of Pakistan” book is written by :

A. R.L.Stevenson
B. Aitzaz Ahsan *
C. H.G.Wells
D. None of these

1877. Places experiencing equal impact of an earthquake are called :

A. Snow lines
B. Seismic lines *
C. Isobars
D. Belts

1878. Wind blowing in a spiral form around a region of low atmosphereic pressure is a :

A. Hurricane
B. Cyclone *
C. Anticyclone
D. Tornado

1879. When the days and nights are equal the rays of the sun directly fall on the :

A. Equador *
B. Tropic of cancer
C. South Pole
D. North Pole

1880. Which is the longest river of North America ?

A. Mississippi *
B. Amazon
C. Niger
D. Lena