1911. Influenza is a :

A. Aglal disease
B. Viral disease *
C. Fungal disease
D. Bacterial disease

1912. Vitamin concerned with vision:

A. A *
B. B
C. B2
D. B6

1913. The largest gland in human body is :

A. Pancrease
B. Liver *
C. Thyroid
D. Adrenal

1914. Only one planet in the solar system has an atmosphere is :

A. Earth *
B. Mercury
C. Pluto
D. Venus

1915. Lunar eclipse occurs on :

A. New moon
B. Full moon *
C. Half moon
D. Quarter moon

1916. Muslim Bagh is famous for :

A. Copper
B. Iron Ore
C. Gypsum
D. Chromites *

1917.”A land tax imposed on the non-muslims cultivators and landlords is known as :

A. Kharaj *
B. Khums
C. Jizya
D. None

1918. The first Ummayad claiph was :

A. Yazid
B. Ameer Muawiya *
C. Al-Mughaira
D. None

1919. “Tigris” is a river . on its bank a famous city was constructed in 761-767 A.D The city was :

A. Samarra
B. Baghdad *
C. Basra
D. None

1920.Salah-ud-din ayubi emerged as the hero of the muslims in :

A. 1st Crusade
B. 2nd Crusade
C. 3rd Crusade *
D. 4th Crusade