1851. He is not attracted by the _______ life of the _________ always wanderig through the country-side begging -for charity.

A. Peripatetic,Vagabond *
B. Natural, Philosopher
C. Affluent, mendicant
D. proud, almsgiver

1852. Unlike the shakespearean plays that lit up the english stage , the “closet dramas” of the nineteenth century were meant to be ______ rather than_______.

A. seen acted
B. read ,staged *
C. produced performed
D. quiet faucous (harsh sound)

1853. His listeners enjoyed his _____ wit but his victims often ______ as its satire.

A. Caustic, laughed
B. Lugubrious, suffered
C. Kindly,Smarted
D. Trenchant,Winced *

1854. He demanded ________obedience from us, and was always telling us we must be _____subjects.

A. Total, Foolish
B. Partial, Cringing
C. Formal, Rigorous
D. Complete, Compliant *

1855. The _______ of the titanic could have been avoided if more safety ______had been taken.

A. Tragedy, Precautions *
B. Embargo, Preserves
C. Disaster, reservations
D. crew, measure

1856. Teh scientific discoveries of the eighteenth century _______ for the industrial revolution.

A. Paint the town
B. let off steam
C. Pave the way for *
D. Pop the question

1857. We will fight this battle __________ and we will show the management that they can that they can not beat their staff like slaves.

A. Next to nothing
B. Like a red rag to bull
C. Shoulder to shoulder *
D. as hard as nails

1858. The next year or two will be very difficult for our firm, but I think we will ________.

A. Cut down to size
B. save one’s skin
C. good to seed
D. weather the storm(to survive in a difficult situation) *

1859. My father is angry with me , So I am trying to ________ and not attract his attention for a week or so ________.

A. Play up
B. Throw a spanner in the works
C. Keep a low profile ( to behave so that ones actions are not made generally known) *
D. Sound off

1860. The kindness of his manner ________ relating.

A. Stir one’s stump
B. stick one’s neck
C. Take the sting out of ( to make a disappointement less painfull) *
D. Clutch at straw