221. The sea border in the gulf of tonkin is disputed between china and

C.vietnam *

222. The first country which recognized Pakistan after its creation was

B.iran *
C.saudi arabia

223. In which constitution Pakistan was officially declared Islamic Republic

A.1956 *

224. Pakistan’s first new agency was

A.associated press of pakistan (APP) *
B.pakistan press international (PPI)
C.national news international (NNI)
D.independence news of pakistan (INP)

225. The longest reigning monarch of the present world is

A.the king of japan *
B.the king of bhutan
C.the king of thailand
D.the king of sweden

226. What is meant by “petticoat government”

A.a government in exile
B.a government run by a woman *
C.a government without actual powers
D.a government run by some feudal lords


227. After independence the first industrial unit inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam was

A.adamjee paper mills
B.valika textile mills *
C.karachi shipyard and engineering works
D.pakistan jute mills

228. What do you understand by “choreography”

A.the study of universe
B.the study of secret writing
C.techniques used in space travelling
D.the steps and movements of dances *

229. “Order of the rising sun is the highest military award of:

A.japan *

230. What do you understand by kangaroo court

A.special court to deal with drug mafia
B.a temporary court which was established under law to lessen the work of a regular court
C.an illegal court formed by a group of prisoners to settle disputes among themselves *
D.the highest court in australia