1711. Amount invested in business is called ?

A. Expense
B. Income
C. Capital *
D. Drawings

1712. Climate change conference COP21 was held in paris where was COP20 hold?

A. Lima *
B. Kyoto
C. Montreal
D. New York

1713. Which of the following species is endemic to pakistan?

A. Indus river cochins *
B. Snow leopards
C. Gypsy Vultures
D. Houbara Hauslard

1714. Which animal mostly illegally traded animal in the world?

A. Elephants
B. Rhinoceros
C. Pangolin *
D. Turties

1715. The atomic energy commission of pakistan was established in _______.

A. 1948
B. 1950
C. 1956 *
D. 1960

1716. C.T.B.T. stands for ?

A. Common test ban treaty
B. Comprehensive treaty for banning test
C. Comprehensive test ban treaty *
D. None

1717. WWW stands for ?

A. World workers welfare
B. World wide web *
C. Working women welfare
D. World Women workers

1718. What is Agraphia?

A. Inability to speak
B. Inability to write *
C. Inability to speak
D. Inability to eat

1719. Who is the father of computer ?

A. Babbage *
B. J.V. neuman
C. Kurtz
D. Konrad Fuse

1720. According to 1998 Census , The literacy rate in pakistan is _______.

A. 25%
B. 30%
C. 45% *
D. 55%