1421. One must keep ___________ promise.

A. His
B. One’s *
C. The
D. A

1422. It is no use _______ everything.’

A. Of finding fault with *
B. To find fault with
C. Finding fault with
D. having found fault with

1423. My views are different ______.

A. from you
B. than you
C. from yours *
D. then yours

1424. You have played ________.’

A. Instead of work
B. than work
C. but not work
D. instead of working *

1425. The necessity is _________.

A. Greater than mine
B. Greater from mine
C. Greater than that of mine *
D. Greater to mine

1426. Recuperate means.

A. Reduce
B. Repeat
C. Recover *
D. Rejoice

1427. Paucity means.

A. Adversity
B. Scarcity *
C. Purity
D. Flattery

1428. Petulant means.

A. Bold
B. Sensible
C. Touchy *
D. Pertinent

1429. Potent means.

A. Pleasant
B. Pervasive
C. Persuasive
D. Powerful *

1430. Quixotic means.

A. Embarrassing
B. Entertaining
C. Foolish *
D. Chivalrous