Fill in the blanks

1531. I ________ Yaseen since Monday

A. Have not seen *
B. Did not see
C. Was not seeing

1532. We_______ for a picnic last week.

A. Went *
B. Have gone
C. Had gone
D. Will go

1533. When he last wrote to me, He______ in sur.

A. had lived
B. lived
C. Was living *
D. Has been living

1534. I wondered Why I ________ of it before.

A. Did not think
B. Have not thought
C. Had not thought *
D. Would not think

1535. She_____ a bath when the telelphone bell rang.

A. Took
B. Had Taken
C. Had been taking
D. was taking *

1536. I_______ if I were you.

A. Shall apologise
B. Should apologise *
C. Apologise
D. Was Apologising

1537. The contractor insisted that he _________ the work before the end of March.

A. will complete
B. Would complete *
C. Was completing
D. Will be completing

1538. We ______ to go to a movie next week, but we find we cant got as we have already spent all the money we had.

A. Plan
B. Will plan
C. Are planning
D. Were Planning *

1539. It_______ if the temperature had fallen any more.

A. Would snow
B. Would have been snowed
C. Would have snowed *
D. Would have been snowing

1540. I can never forget what I ________.

A. Just read
B. Have just read *
C. Will read
D. Will just read