1311. In their search for artifacts, archaeologists are often _______ not because a suspected site is remote an isolated but because it is __________.

A. Misled,Verified
B. Undeterred,Unearthed
C. Venerated, Sacred
D. Frustrated, Urbanized *

1312. Advertising alone, no matter How _______Cannot convince people to _____ an item that answers no real and vital need .

A. Stringnent,Ignore
B. Outrageous,Disregard
C. Innocuous, Modify
D. Extensive, Purchase *

1313. Working ________ under the pressure of time, Raza did not notice his _______Mistake.

A. Leisurely, Stupid
B. Rapidly, Carelessly
C. Frantically, Inevitable
D. Continually, Redundant( Excessive) *

1314. Even_______ Pleasure may leave_______ memories.

A. Ephemeral, Lasting *
B. Emphatic, Stalwart
C. Transitory, Fleeting
D. Enigmatic , Puzzling Mysterious

1315. Anyone Familiar with the facts could ________ his arguments, Which seemed logical but were actually ______.

A. Refute, Specious *
B. Support, Protracted
C. Repeat, recumbent
D. Review, Congent

1316. They Met surreptitiously in the night to exchange Information ?

A. Clandestinely *
B. Egregiously
C. Punctitiously ( Careful in duty)
D. Exigently (Urgent action)

1317. His statement to the police incriminated his brother _______.

A. Involve
B. Acquit
C. Troubled
D. Accuse ( Involve in a crime ) *

1318. I am dubious about the wisdom of the action_______.

A. Sure
B. Secret
C. Optimistic
D. Doubtful *

1319. Despite the salesperson’s blandishments the customer did not buy the dress.

A. Insistence
B. Flattery *
C. Cleverness
D. Adroitness

1320. His audacity in this critical moment encourage us ________.

A. Adroitness
B. Cleverness
C. Boldness *
D. Amicable