781. Who is called ” Man of destiny” in Europeon history?

A. Napoleon *
B. Bismarck
C. Hitler
D. De Gaulle

782. Who is called ” the father of the french revolution ?

A. Thomas Hobbes
B. Rousseau *
C. Francis bacon
D. Montesquieu

783. The red color of the blood is due to the presence of a pigment known as :

A. Chlorophyll
B. Insulin
C. Bite
D. Hemoglobin *

784. Caspian sea is believed to have 16 percent of the earth’s potential oil reserves. The five countries that share border with it are?

A. Russia, Iran, Kazakistan,Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan *
B. Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkeminstan
C. Russia, Turkey,Iran, Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan
D. None of these.

785. The ” Statue of liberty ” was a gift to the united states on the occassion of its independence. Which country presented it ?

A. Britain
B. France *
C. Canada
D. Japan

786. Velocity of sound in air is ?

A. 250 m/s
B. 331 m/s *
C. 434 m/s
D. 561 m/s

787. “Elysee palace ” is the official residence of :

A. King of Denmark
B. Germany Chancellor
C. President of France *
D. Pope of Vatican

788. Which part of human body is more prone to damage from the hepatitis Virus?

A. Kidneys
B. Lungs
C. Spleen
D. Liver *

789. The name of All india muslim league was proposed in 1906 by?

A. Quaid-i-azam
B. Nawab saleem ullah khan
C. Sir Muhammad Shafi
D. None of these *

790. The year of 1905 is considered very important in the history of indo-pak due to ______.

A. Foundation of muslim league
B. Partition of Bengal *
C. George-v’s Visit to india
D. Military reforms