1081. He is pround ______ his wealth.

A. ON *
B. To
C. Into
D. Of

1082. We are answerable ________God.

A. To *
B. Before
C. For
D. Of

1083. How long __________English?

A. Do you learn
B. Are you learning
C. You learn
D. Have you been Learning *

1084. Choose the correct sentence .

A. India attacked on pakistan in 1965
B. India attacked pakistan in 1965 *
C. India attacks pakistan in 1965
D. India did attack on pakistan in 1965.

1085. Honest poverty is better than dishonest _________.

A. Riches *
B. Person
C. Wealth
D. Work

1086. Select the right idiom

A. Burn the night oil
B. I burn the late night oil
C. Burn the midnight oil *
D. Burn the oil

1087. Select the right idiom

A. Keep body and character together
B. Keep body and mind together
C. Keep body and soul together *
D. Keep body and spirit together.

1088. One Should do _______duty honestly.

A. His
B. One’s *
C. One
D. Their

1089. The atmosphere was quite _________.

A. Pleasant *
B. Cordial
C. Exquisite
D. None of these.

1090. Vitamin _______ can lead to illness.

A. Want
B. Shortage
C. Deficiency *
D. Poverty