Tick the Antonyms

1521. Barren

A. Irrigated
B. Cultivated
C. Fertile *
D. Agriculture

1522. Transparent

A. Translucent
B. Bright
C. Clear
D. Opaque *

1523. Friendly

A. Strange
B. Indifferent
C. Hostile *
D. Human

1524. Progressive

A. Retrograde *
B. Repressive
C. Subversive
D. Impeding

1525. Ominous

A. Final
B. Terminating
C. Auspicious *
D. Blessed

1526. One who eats human flesh

A. Cannibal *
B. Furious
C. Carnivorous
D. Beast
E. Maneater

1527. A place where birds are kept

A. Attic
B. Nursery
C. Aviary *
D. Zoo
E. None

1528. Animals that feed on grass

A. Carnivorous
B. Herbivorous *
C. Insectivorous
D. Graminivorous
E. Aquarian

1529. A thing which easily catches fire

A. Efflorescent
B. Callous
C. Impatient
D. Inflammable *
E. Fluorescent

1530. Speaking too much of oneself

A. Equivocal
B. Hypocrite
C. Egotism *
D. Selfish
E. Egoism