2131. Dead sea is situated between :

A. Isreal and Jordan *
B. Iran and Iran
C. Iran and Russia
D. Russia and Turkey

2132. The eastern mediterranean island cyprus is divided between :

A. US and Canada
B. Philiphines
C. Turkey and Japan
D. Greece and Turkey *

2133. World’s famous golden gate bridge is situated in :

A. London
B. Paris
C. Sydney
D. San francisco *

2134. World’s smallest islamic state (area-wise) is :

A. Maldives *
B. Brunei
C. Morocco
D. Syria

2135. Sakhalin Islands are claimed by :

A. USA and Cuba
B. USA and Russia
C. Russia and Japan *
D. Japan and China

2136. Which has greatest number volcanoes in the world ?

A. Philippines
B. Israel
C. Sudan
D. Indonesia *

2137. What sort of enduring happens in the valley side over the outer layer of the ice sheet ?

A. Frost-shattering *
B. Hailing
C. Drizzling
D. Chemical weathering

2138. A canyon is a large form of :

A. Badland
B. Pediment
C. Gorge *
D. Plucking

2139. The largest latitude circle on the earth is :

A. Arctic circle
B. Tropic of cancer
C. The equator *
D. Tropic of capricorn

2140. Mediterranean regions are useful for :

A. Fruit growing
B. Wine production
C. Tourism
D. All of these *