1131. The boat sailed _______ the bridge.

A. Through
B. Off
C. Under *
D. from

1132. He used to live _________Comfort.

A. With
B. In *
C. By
D. On

1133. He went __________the direction of the post office.

A. In *
B. At
C. To
D. On

1134. Could you _______the pencil for me ?

A. Sharp
B. Sharped
C. Sharpen *
D. Sharpening

1135. She felt _________when she went on stage ?

A. Nervous *
B. Anxious
C. Worried
D. Agitated

1136. We must respect the views of our _________in this matter, even though we can not agree with them.

A. Enemies
B. Foes
C. Opponents *
D. Adversaries

1137. To Introduce Ideas.

A. Instil *
B. Inspire
C. Invigorate
D. Impress

1138. Less than:

A. Intra *
B. Infra
C. Inter
D. Intro

1139. To disfigure .

A. Efface
B. Deface *
C. Face
D. Beauty

1140. To hesitate.

A. Murmur
B. Demure
C. Agree
D. Demur *