Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Academic task offering 2000+ Sociology MCQs for the preparation of different schools, colleges, and universities examinations to get good marks. Solved sociology mcqs cover multiple topics such as modern family sociology, ecclesia sociology, interactionalist theory, poverty line sociology, absolute poverty sociology, symbolic interactionist theory, common sense sociology, dependency theory sociology, Criminology, white collar crime sociology, mass society theory, Social Problems in Pakistan, Social Control, Cultural change and Social Policy, Methods of Sociological Research, Social Interaction  – and much more. These sociology multiple choice questions are also helpful for the preparation of various interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and jobs like PPSC, FPSC, KPPSC Lecturer’s jobs, CSS Sociology officers, etc. for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Statistics here.

21. In theoretical field social research aims at
(A) finding problems of human being
(B) identifying delinquent behaviour
(C) reducing social conflict
(D) None of these

22. WID approach believes in
(A) Gender mainstreaming
(B) Gender Segregation
(C) Incorporating women in development activities
(D) None of these

23. Is Pakistan a signatory of CEDAW?
(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Both ‘a & b’
(D) None of these

24. Human Rights pertain to caring for the rights of
(A) Women
(B) Men
(C) Minorities
(D) All of these

25. The essential function of punishment in society is
(A) Reform
(B) Revenge
(C) Affirmation of moral standards
(D) None of these

26. The most pervasive of the social processes are
(A) Cooperation
(B) Overt Conflict
(C) Competition
(D) None of these

27. The trend toward urbanization is most advanced in
(A) America
(B) England
(C) Japan
(D) None of these

28. In a highly intra-competitive situation, individual can guarantee the trust of peers by
(A) Self modesty
(B) Genuine goodwill
(C) Withholding praise of superior
(D) None of these

29. A counter culture
(A) Has to be against the existing cultural ethos/values
(B) May not be against the existing cultural ethos/values
(C) If different from the existing culture may never succeed to survive
(D) None of these

30. Family Laws Ordinance was passed for the first time in
(A) 1961
(B) 1973
(C) 1985
(D) None of these