391. Which model of migration admits immigrants to a country on a temporary basis often for economic reasons without giving citizenship rights ?
A. classic
B. colonial
C. guest worker
D. illegal

392. What is the approach to ethnic integration which requires immigrants to adopt the culture and values of the majority called ?
A. assimilation
B. melting pot
C. cultural pluralism
D. multiculturalism

393. What is behavior towards a group or individual which treats them differently from other groups or individuals called ?
A. prejudice
B. discrimination
C. racism
D. projection

394. What is defined as the cultural practices and outlooks of a given community of people that set them apart from others ?
A. racism
B. ethnicity
C. identity
D. stereotyping

395. What was the system of forced racial segregation in South Africa known as _____________?
A. apartheid
B. ethnic cleansing
C. multiculturalism
D. assimilation

396. Which theoretical approach emphasizes racism not as a deviation from the non-racist norm but rather as the everyday normal experience for people of color ?
A. critical race theory
B. conflict theories
C. ethnocentrism
D. primordialism

397. What is multiculturalism ?
A. the existence of cultural diversity within a society
B. policies encouraging ethnic groups to live together in harmony
C. new immigrants adopting the values and norms of the host culture
D. ethnic group cultures exist separately within a society

398. What term describes the fixed and inflexible characterizations of social groups ?
A. stereotypes
B. prejudice
C. scapegoating
D. discrimination

399. Why do many sociologists use scare quotes when discussing race ?
A. it,s a complex concept with multiple meanings
B. to reflect the fact that the number of races is disputed
C. the concept has no scientific basis but is still widely used
D. to distinguish the science of race from discussions of ethnicity

400. Which Black person wrote the acclaimed novel Invisible Man ?
A. Malcolm X
B. James Baldwin
C. Alice Walker
D. Ralph Ellison