551. A combination of many traits a trait is______________?
A. Trait
B. Complex
C. Family
D. None of these

552. The ideas of right and wrong attached to folkways makes them____________?
A. Mores
B. Norms
C. Customs
D. None of these

553. A statistical norm is______________?
A. What is expected to exist
B. The common conduct
C. What actually exists
D. None of these

554. Extreme climatic conditions are_____________?
A. obstacle to cultural development
B. Helpful in cultural development
C. have no effect
D. None of these

555. August Comte viewed cultural development in_____________?
A. Three Stages
B. Four Stages
C. Two stages
D. None of these

556. Prayer mat is_____________?
A. material culture
B. Non-material culture
C. Out of culture
D. None of these

557. Non-material culture consists of______________?
A. Customs and beliefs ideas
B. tools and domestic items
C. Books and written material
D. None of these

558. According to________________ theory unique customs develop and persist because they are adaptive?
A. Conflict
B. Symbolic Interactionism
C. Functionalism
D. Radical
E. Feminism

559. A process through which cultural elements become closely connected and mutually interdependent is also known as______________?
A. cultural relativism
B. cultural lag
C. cultural proscriptions
D. cultural genocide
E. cultural integration

560. Dignity personal integrity and inviolability of body and mind are all examples of_____________?
A. adaptive mechanisms
B. constitutional law
C. cultural givens
D. human rights
E. cultural relativism