241. Socialization is a series of stages in which the individual learns to participate in various levels of organization of society and internalizes a cognitive frame of reference for interpersonal relations It is____________?
A. Internalization theory
B. Role theory
C. Symbolic theory
D. None of these

242. The importance of socialization has been drawn upon few cases of children who were through neglect____________?
A. Not socialized by adults while they were growing
B. Were given extremely protected environment
C. Were over socialized
D. None of these

243. Japanese emphasize on conformity in their culture This is an example of______________?
A. Broad Socialization
B. Narrow Socialization
C. cultural impact
D. None of these

244. Broad socialization is intended to promote_____________?
A. Independence and self-expression
B. Obedience and Conformity
C. both a and b
D. None of these

245. A society which is socially isolated but still provides for all the needs of its members, is called______________?
A. Total institution
B. Isolated Society
C. Closed society
D. None of these

246. A child learns behaviors values and actions from his family It is_______________?
A. Primary socialization
B. Secondary
C. Developmental
D. None of these

247. The institution most closely associated with the process of socialization is the______________?
A. family
B. Peer group
C. school
D. state

248. Which of the following is considered a total institution ?
A. a university
B. a mental hospital
C. a factory
D. each of the above

249. Which sociologist distinguished between significant others and generalized others ?
A. George Herbert Mead
B. Charles Horton Cooley
C. Erving Goffman
D. W.I Thomas

250. The current debate on sociobiology focuses on the work of Harvard University zoologist___________?
A. Jean Piaget
B. Edward O.Wilson
C. Erving Goffman
D. Harry Harlow


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