561. According to sociologists’ Canadian culture has been shaped by_____________?
A. political incompetence
B. sports
C. our Aboriginal history
D. an intricate and diverse set of circumstances
E. immigration

562. Which of the following would not be a good example of a counterculture ?
A. Toronto Raptors fans
B. motorcycle gangs
C. racist groups
D. terrorism
E. organized crime

563. Which sociological theory emphasizes the role of language and literacy in fighting against cultural subordination ?
A. Functionalism
B. Conflict
C. Feminism
D. Radical
E. Symbolic Interactionism

564. Bringing music and movies into Canada from another country would be a good example of __________ diffusion ?
A. adaptive
B. relativistic
C. indirect
D. direct
E. integrative

565. Conflict theory emphasizes the use of humor as a________________?
A. means by which to present the self
B. political tool
C. defense mechanism
D. means by which to bind culture
E. source of negativity towards women

566. The use of language label people can lead to a_______________?
A. self-fulfilling prophecy
B. sense of ethnocentrism
C. cultural lag
D. cultural adaptation
E. development of a subculture

567. Values traditions, and beliefs are all examples of_______________?
A. popular culture
B. customs
C. material culture
D. non-material culture
E. culture relativism

568. In a sense xenocentrism is a reverse form of_________________?
A. cultural integration
B. cultural relativism
C. ethnocentrism
D. culture shock

569. The term ethnocentrism was coined by sociologist_____________?
A. William F. Ogburn
B. William Graham Sumner
C. George Murdock
D. Max Weber

570. Older people living in housing for the elderly, workers in an offshore oil rig rodeo cowboys and circus performers-all are examples of what sociologists refer to as_____________?
A. subcultures
B. countercultures
C. cultural universals
D. argot