291. Merton’s term for the hidden or forgotten reason for a particular behavior was_____________?
A. middle-range function
B. consumption function
C. latent function
D. structural function

292. The correspondence principle (Bowles & Gintis) suggests that________________?
A. schools prepare children work by teaching them to be obedient
B. teachers and parents tend to have similar attitudes to learning
C. children who write lots of letters develop a better grasp of language
D. boys’ and girls’ educational achievements have recently become similar

293. Bowlby’s maternal deprivation thesis claimed that_______________?
A. mothers who are living in poverty cannot afford to give their children the resources that other children enjoy
B. children deprived of an early secure attachment to their mother are prone to suffer physically intellectually and socially in later life
C. mothering is a socially constructed activity identified in the narratives of new mothers
D. deprivation is something children inherit usually through their mothers’ side

294. In Symbolic Interactionist Theory Mead defined the generalized other as______________?
A. the group of structural theories of society that he was reacting against
B. the overall impression of ourselves that we try to give off to others
C. a significant figure in early childhood who teaches us the general values of society
D. an image of how people in the wider society might perceive our behavior

295. The term feminist standpoint suggests______________?
A. taking a stand on the issues neglected by feminism
B. studying society from the perspective of women
C. the recognition of difference and diversity in women’s lives
D. a tendency to ignore the gendered nature of knowledge

296. Which of the following is a criticism of the sick role ?
A. Patients judgments regarding their own state of health may be related to their gender age social class and ethnic group
B. The sick role may be more applicable to people experiencing short-term illnesses than those with recurring long -term illnesses
C. Even simple factors such as whether a person is employed or not seem to affect willingness to assume the sick role
D. all of the above

297. Ascribed status as the name explains is one______________?
A. Achieved through effort
B. Ascribed to use by society
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

298. When a status may have many roles to play It is known as______________?
A. Role playing
B. Role sets
C. Role adjustment
D. None of these

299. The behavior expected of one who holds a particular status is usually termed as_____________?
A. Role
B. Status
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

300. Role confusion in modern society is engendered by all but one of the following____________?
A. Broadening of role specification
B. Plurality of moralities
C. Increase in number of achievable positions
D. None of these