1181. Ethnocentrisms means :

A. Evaluating after cultures with the Yardstick of your own value
B. No other society is like your’s and your society or group is superior to other *
C. Talking other nations as good as your own one but disowned
D. None of them

1182. Social facts have their independent existence and must be studied likewise who remarked above when discussing scientific method :

A. Ibn-i-Khaldun
B. Emile Durkheim *
C. Anguste comte
D. None of these

1183. Going along with one’s peers, individuals of a person’s own status, who have no special right to direct that person’s behaviour is called :

A. Hypothesis
B. Conflict perspective
C. Contact hypothesis
D. Conformity *

1184. Human population can :

A. Exist apart from cultural interaction
B. Exist apart from social interaction
C. Exist both apart from socio-cultural interaction
D. No exist apart from socio-cultural interaction *

1185. Decrease in population of a society :

A. Is always a welcome
B. Is never a welcome
C. Can create a crisis at some stages *
D. Cannot create any serious crises

1186. Socially it may be said that procreation is :

A. A biological factor
B. Socially motivated factor *
C. Socially hindered process
D. Socially discarded factor

1187. Modern societies allow the young couple to :

A. Fully use their reproductive capacity
B. Partially use their reproductive capacity *
C. Not use their reprodutive capacity
D. To ove use their reproductive capacity

1188. A set of expectations of people who occupy a given social position or status is called :

A. Social lag
B. Social mobility
C. Social role *
D. None of these

1189. Societal-reaction approach theory is also known as is called :

A. Social lag theory
B. Social group theory
C. Labelling theory *
D. None of these

1190. A fairly large number of people who live in the same territory, are relatively independent of people outside it . and participate in a common culture is called :

A. Culture
B. Class
C. Society *
D. None of these