1201. The following terms are used to describe unreliable generalizations about all members of a group that fail to take into account individual differences within the group:

A. Stereotypes *
B. Stigma
C. Stratification
D. None of these

1202. Which of the following is not an encouragement of fertility ?

A. Disapproval towards non-marriage
B. Approval of non-marriage *
C. Impotency
D. Sterility

1203. Which of the following is not an encouragement of fertility ?

A. Miscarriage
B. Abortion
C. Use of contraceptive
D. Legal prohibition on the use of contraceptives*

1204. In so far as society is concerned it :

A. Never causes deaths
B. Sometimes causes deaths *
C. Encourage death
D. Neither causes nor encourages deaths

1205. Which one of the following is not a practice for killing an individual by the society ?

A. Leaving the infirm to their care
B. Exposing deformed children to nature
C. Sacrifice of human beings on ceremonies
D. Leaving the orphans to destitute home’s *

1206. A foreign power maintaining political, social, economic, and cultural dominance over a people for an extended period of time is known as:

A. Capitalism
B. Socialims
C. Colonialism *
D. None of these

1207. A Sociological approach that assumes that social behavior is best understood in terms of conflict or tension between competing groups is called :

A. Contact hypothesis
B. Social perspective
C. Conflict perspective *
D. None of these

1208. Subjects in an experiment who are not introduced to the independent variable by the researcher is called :

A. Control group *
B. Contact hypothesis
C. Closed group
D. None of these

1209. A Subculture that deliberatly opposes certain aspects of the larger culture is called:

A. Triad
B. Counterculture *
C. Contact hypothesis
D. None of these

1210. The viewing of people’s behavior from the perspective of their own culture is called :

A. Cultural relativism *
B. Relativism Mobility
C. Cultural transmission
D. None of these