1141. In the division of labour in the society which one of two types of solidarity identified by Durkheim:

A. Mechanical and organic solidarity *
B. Mechanical and Physical solidarity
C. Physical and Spiritual solidarity
D. Physical and organic solidarity

1142. A social system in which individual mobility is limited or nonexistent is known as:

A. Closed System *
B. Cohabitation
C. Open system
D. None of these

1143. A temporary or permanent alliance geared toward a common goal is called :

A. Coalition *
B. Cohabitation
C. Counterculture
D. None of these

1144. Who was the primary proponent of the statement that “the real foundation of the society is the economic structure of the society?”

A. Karl Marx
B. Charuls Coaley
C. Robert Merton *
D. Anguste Comte

1145. Which one is first steps of knowledge ?

A. Theory
B. Law
C. Assumption
D. Intuitive *

1146. Concept- of Co -Variation means :

A. When two variables vary together *
B. Remain unchanged
C. One variable changes other remains unchanged
D. None of these

1147. Polyandry means:

A. A form of marriage the joins one female with more than one male *
B. A type of marriage in which one woman marries a man.
C. A type of marriage in which more than one woman marries a man.
D. None of these

1148. Penalties and rewards for conduct concerning a social norm is called :

A. Fines
B. Sanctions *
C. Inequality
D. None of these

1149. A hypothesis concerning the role of language in shaping cultures .It holds that language is culturally determined and serves to influence our mode of thought is called :

A. Classical hypothesis
B. Sapir-whorf hypothesis *
C. Constructionist hypothesis
D. None of these

1150. Which one is the basic institution for socialization of children ?

A. School
B. Religion
C. Family
D. Community