251. A human being deprived of all communication with other humans from birth would lack all but one of the following ?
A. Self
B. rudimentary personality
C. Language
D. None of these

252. Sociologists believe that_______________?
A. Biology being the major constraints does not allow any change in human nature hence socialization does not change much of human individual nature
B. Individual is the product of social group within which he is socialized
C. The nature-nurture controversy has ended in favor of nurture and the bio-sociologists have failed to promote their thesis
D. None of these

253. The main agent in primary socialization is______________?
A. school
B. family
C. television
D. peer group

254. Judith Butler (1999) suggested that_______________?
A. sexual characteristics are the biological determinants of gender
B. heterosexuality and homosexuality are essential opposing identities
C. the tow-sex model replaced the one-sex model in the eighteenth century
D. gender is performed through bodily gestures and styles to create sex

255. Chodorow (1978) argued that gender socialization occurred through____________?
A. both boys and girls being closely attached to their mothers, but then boys breaking away
B. girls being attached to their mothers but then breaking away
C. boys being attached to their fathers and girls to their mothers
D. both boys and girls being closely attached to their fathers, but girls breaking away

256. The four ideal types of social action that Weber identified were as follows instrumentally-rational, value-rational traditional and_____________?
A. affectual
B. affective
C. effective
D. infected

257. Which sociological perspective would be especially interested in studying how people communicate with other and develop relationships through MUDS (multi-user)?
A. functionalist perspective
B. conflict perspective
C. interactionist perspective
D. labeling theory

258. In the twentieth century, the family’s protective function has increasingly been transferred to outside agencies such as______________?
A. hospitals
B. mental health clinics
C. insurance companies
D. all of the above

259. A person does poorly on a college chemistry test and later tells a friend “The exam wasn’t fair! There were trick s and it covered material that we weren’t assigned “This is an example of____________?
A. reverse socialization
B. face-work
C. studied nonobservance
D. anticipatory socialization

260. Isabelle was___________?
A. reared in an interracial family
B. kept in almost total seclusion for the first six years of her life
C. subjected to mistreatment in a mental institution
D. a child whose language skills were of genius calibre