721. Durkheim defined social facts as______________?
A. ways of acting thinking and feeling that are collective and social in origin
B. the way scientists construct knowledge in a social context
C. data collected about social phenomena that are proven to be correct
D. ideas and theories that have no basis in the external physical world

722. Comte,s term positivism refers to________________?
A. a theory that emphasizes the positive aspects of society
B. the precise scientific study of observable phenomena
C. a theory that posits difficult s and sets out to answer them
D. an unscientific set of laws about social progress

723. Sociology differs from common sense in that_______________?
A. it focuses on the researchers own experiences
B. it makes little distinction between the way the world is and the way it ought to be
C. its knowledge is accumulated from many different research contexts
D. it is subjective and biased

724. Conflict Perspective was revived in 20th Century by_______________?
A. Meads
B. C.Wright Mills
C. Lewis Coser
D. B & C

725. The conflict Perspective is mostly based upon the work of______________?
A. C.H Cooley
B. G.H Meads
C. Karl Marx
D. None of these

726. The Functionalist Perspective says that_______________?
A. A society is an organized network
B. All groups operate in a fairly orderly manner
C. There are set of rules and values shared by all
D. All of above

727. society is seen as a stable system in_______________?
A. Evolutionary Perspective
B. Conflict Perspective
C. Functionalist Perspective
D. None of these

728. Modern Interactionists are______________?
A. Erving Goffman
B. Herbert Blumer
C. Both a & b
D. None of these

729. The interventionist Perspective studies_______________?
A. Society
B. State
C. People and their interactions
D. None of these

730. Evolutionary Perspective is based on the work of_______________?
A. Comte and Spencer
B. Marx and Weber
C. All of above
D. None of these