761. Put the GDPs of these countries in descending order _______________?
A. Switzerland Sweden Norway Portugal
B. Sweden Norway Switzerland Portugal
C. Portugal Switzerland Norway Sweden
D. Switzerland Norway Portugal Sweden

762. Which one of these is NOT one of the newly industrializing countries ?
A. Brazil
B. South korea
C. Taiwan
D. Hungary

763. The term Second World societies refers to______________?
A. countries that industrialized after those in Europe
B. countries that industrialized less successfully than Europe
C. countries that industrialized under state central planning
D. countries that have yet to proceed to industrialize

764. Which of the following is NOT an example of a pre-modern social form ?
A. agrarian society
B. ancient society
C. Industrial society
D. pastoral society

765. Which of these groups of countries had the least telephone mainlines per 1,000 people in 1999 ?
A. Latin America
B. South Asia
C. Arab States
D. East Asia

766. According to Durkheim social facts are_____________?
A. ways of behaving that are external to individuals
B. only things that have been shown to be true
C. social insights into collective behavior
D. information captured by official statistics

767. Which of the following is not a characteristic of totalitarian societies ?
A. indoctrination and propaganda
B. freedom of movement for citizens
C. one-party rule
D. a centrally planned economy

768. When Berger & Luckman said that reality is socially constructed they meant ?
A. scientists are guided in their work by social values and interests, so they define and measure phenomena that will support their theories
B. people negotiate shared definitions of their situation and live according to these often forgetting that these social worlds are not fixed and external
C. sociologists decide what constitutes social reality and measure only that
D. terms like reality have no deeper meaning beyond the level of discourse

769. Structural-Functionalists describe society as_______________?
A. a complex network of interaction at a micro-level
B. a source of conflict inequality and alienation
C. an unstable structure of social relations
D. a normative framework of roles and institutions

770. When workers organized unions and forced management to recognize that they were not object, theorists of formal organizations began to revise the________________?
A. classical theory
B. scientific management approach
C. human relations approach
D. both a and b