1111. Which of the following is not one of the four element of control that Travis Hirschi identified ?

A. Belief
B. Commitment
C. Involvement
D. Rebellion *

1112. According to Robert merton’s strain theory , and educated person who stays in the same job without advancement for years is a :

A. Retreatish
B. Ritualist *
C. Innovator
D. Conformist

1113. William Chambliss’s study of teenage boys demonstrated the power of :

A. Labeling *
B. Deviance
C. Negative sanctions
D. Crime

1114. Which contribution has conflict theory made to the understanding of deviance ?

A. Deviance is behavior that society labels as deviant.
B. People will act in a defiant manner if a society does not provide approved means to achieve specific goals.
C. Deviance is defined by the people in control of society *
D. People rely on their inner and outer controls to keep them from committing crime

1115. The belief that one race is supreme and all others are innately inferior is called :

A. Sectarianism
B. Racism *
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

1116. A sample for which every member of the entire population has the same chance of being selected is called :

A. Quantitative research
B. Questionnaire
C. Open Sample
D. Random Sample *

1117. Any group that individual’s use as a standard in evaluating themselves and their own behaviour is called :

A. Reference group *
B. Primary group
C. Peer group
D. None of these

1118. Which of the following is not a cause of slavery?

A. Debt
B. Crime
C. War
D. Stratification *

1119. Marx and Weber disagreed on the importance of ________ in determining class:

A. Power
B. Prestige
C. Wealth *
D. Conflict

1120. What sets a caste system apart from a class system the most?

A. Social Mobility *
B. Educational opportunity
C. Occupational Prestige
D. Endogamy