771. “Division of Labor in Society” increased emphasis on_____________?
A. Interdependence
B. Specialization
C. Occupational Friendships
D. All of these

772. “” Anomie” is a French word means___________?
A. chaos
B. Solidarity
C. Harmony
D. None of these

773. According to Durkheim an important component of social life was______________?
A. Social solidarity
B. Social alienation
C. Individualism
D. None of these

774. The communism developed in USSR and china is_______________?
A. Same as Marx envisioned
B. is different from Marxian view
C. opposite to Marxian view
D. None of these

775. The solution Marx gave to the problem of alienation was______________?
A. Democracy
B. Communism
C. Dictatorship
D. None of these

776. According to Marx the fruit of labor should go to________________?
A. the capitalist
B. the working class
C. equally distributed
D. to none of these

777. Bourgeoisie refers to______________?
A. the capitalist
B. the working class
C. the middle man
D. None of these

778. Species being means_______________?
A. Self-actualization
B. Self-denial
C. None of these
D. both of these

779. Iron cage of bureaucracy was the perception of_______________?
A. Emile Durkhiem
B. Max Weber
C. August Comte
D. Karl Marx

780. First Industrial Revolution took place______________?
A. in Europe during 18th and 19th centuries
B. in America in 20th century
C. in Asia in 17th century
D. None of these