471. The feeling of aimlessness or despair often associated with unsettling conditions is_______________?
A. alienation
B. amorality
C. anomie
D. ascription

472. Theoretical approaches can only be said to be valid if______________?
A. the theorist has researched the literature thoroughly
B. they have been tested out by means of factual research
C. they are written in such a way as to be impossible to disprove
D. they are shared by a large enough number of theorists

473. The theory of relative deprivation is an example of what ______________?
A. macro sociological theory
B. feminist sociological theory
C. micro sociological theory
D. middle-range sociological theory

474. What does the functionalist perspective see as crucial for the maintenance of social order ?
A. strong class-based identities
B. multiculturalism
C. moral consensus
D. a strong state

475. Which of the following is not part of karl Marx,s theory of capitalism ?
A. capitalist production exploits the working class
B. class conflict is inevitable in capitalist societies
C. industrial workers are the revolutionary class
D. class struggle only occurs under capitalism

476. According to Durkheim the division of labor in industrial societies brings about______________?
A. organic solidarity
B. a loss of social solidarity
C. mechanical solidarity
D. communal solidarity

477. Which of these statements best represents C. Wright-Mills,s idea of the sociological imagination ?
A. understanding the differences between the classical theorists
B. bringing together private troubles and public issues
C. seeing the social world as one made up of Social facts
D. avoiding explanations based on individual psychology

478. Whose theorizing according societal change comes closer to lqbal,s verse. Tujh ko bataoon taqdeer-e-huma kia hai shamsheer o Sannan Awwal taus o rabab akhir ?
A. Karl Max
B. Ibn-e-Khaldum
C. George Hegel
D. None of these

479. A close connection between religion and economic forces has been presented by____________?
A. Max Weber
B. Karl Max
C. Emile Durkheim
D. C-Wright Mills

480. Secularization involves the two related ideas of__________________?
A. disappointment and disproportion
B. disbelief and disintegration
C. disengagement and disenchantment
D. distribution and distillation


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