1311. Criminal behavior is learnt primarily :

A. In large groups
B. By same process as non-criminal behaviour *
C. By a definite Criminal process
D. None of the above

1312. ” The sociology of religion” was written by :

A. Cuber
B. Reisman
C. Max weber *
D. None of these

1313. Inference means :

A. Argument
B. Logic *
C. Theorem
D. Finding

1314. Anomie is :

A. A type of delinquency *
B. A serious offence
C. A value clash behaviour
D. A self-indulgence

1315. Social stratification describes :

A. Correlation of man to society
B. Status and roles in group *
C. Role of individuals in society
D. Division of work

1316. Cultural lag is a state in a society when :

A. Value clash to change *
B. The society stagnates
C. A culture fails
D. None of these

1317. Variance is :

A. Motivating voters
B. Census *
C. Trends of people
D. Population

1318. Demography is the social science of :

A. Behavior
B. Type of attitude
C. Mid of the way
D. Population *

1319. Diffusion is a stage of :

A. Confusion
B. Integration
C. Losing identity *
D. Mental disturbance

1320. Resocialization is :

A. Social get together
B. Group assimilation
C. Adjusting offender to family *
D. Victim offender relation