1071. The following is the name of a theory that was developed by Robert Merton and describes deviance as an adaptation of either socially prescribed goals or the norms governing their attainment, or both:

A. Assimilation
B. Anomie theory of deviance *
C. Bilateral descent
D. None of these

1072. Name the political philosophy promoted by many younger blacks in the 1960s that supported the creation of black-controlled political and economic institution :

A. Bilateral descent
B. Black power *
C. Black money
D. None of these

1073. What is socialization?

A. A process of learning that begins at birth and continues through adolescence
B. An instinctual response to events
C. A theory of moral development
D. A process of continuous learning that begins*

1074. Mutual respect between the various groups in a society for one another’s cultures, which allows minorities to express their own cultures without experiencing prejudice is called :

A. Colonialism
B. Socialism
C. Pluralism *
D. None of these

1075. A form of polygamy in which a woman can have several husbands at the same time is called :

A. Exogamy
B. Monogamy
C. Polyandry *
D. None of these

1076. Which of the following is not an agent of socialization?

A. Mother
B. Friends
C. Pets *
D. Television

1077. Mead’s concept of the generalized other is similar to what other concept ?

A. The looking -glass self
B. The superego *
C. The ID
D. The sensorimotor period

1078. What is Erving goffman’s theory of dramaturgy ?

A. The struggle between the id, ego, and superego in life
B. People who struggle with socialization are overly dramatic
C. Life is a nerve-ending play in which people are actors *
D. Gender roles are predetermined at birth

1079. Jean Paige is known for this study of :

A. Cognitive development *
B. Moral Development
C. Personality development
D. Social behaviourism

1080. A component of formal organization in which rules and hierarchical ranking are used to achieve efficiency is called :

A. Leadership
B. Black power
C. Bureaucracy *
D. None of these