1281. A society in which women dominate in family decision making is called :

A. Epidemiology
B. Anthropology
C. Megachurches
D. Matriarchy *

1282. Large worship centers affiliated only loosely, if at all, with existing denominations is called :

A. Epidemiology
B. Anthropology
C. Megachurches *
D. Matriachy

1283. Which of the following are natural sciences ?

A. Economics
B. Chemistry
C. Astronomy
D. Both B and C *

1284. The basic condition of human relation is :

A. Social interaction *
b. Culture
C. Norms
D. Education

1285. Close social relations depend upon :

A. Business
B. Sincerity *
C. Profit
D. Kinship

1286. The restriction of mate selection to people within the same group is called :

A. Monogamy
B. Polyandry
C. Endogamy *
D. None of these

1287. The tendency to assume that one’s culture and way of life represent the norm or are superior to all others is called :

A. Enthnography
B. Polyandry
C. Ethnocentrism*
D. None of these

1288. Point out false in the following statements :

A. Secondary group is based on sincere relations *
B. Personality traits are mostly created in primary group relations
C. Sometimes social interaction and social action are the two names of the same process
D. Institutions are the backbone of human society

1289. Which of the following is more or less a permanent association ?

A. Institution *
B. Society
C. Family
D. None of these

1290. Veblen’s term for those people or groups who will suffer in the event of social change and who have a stake in maintaining the status quo is called:

A. Vertically mobility
B. Victimization surveys
C. Vested Interest *
D. None of these