1241. The tendency of workers in a bureaucracy to become so specialized that they develop blind spots and faile to notice obvious problems is called :

A. Incapacity
B. Untrained incapacity
C. Trained capacity *
D. None of these

1242. What is a Triad ?

A. A one-member group
B. A two-member group
C. A three-member group *
D. None of these

1243. Main reason for less population in Africa is :

A. Less technological advancement *
B. Policy of racial discrimination
C. Form of government
D. Hostile attitude of the people

1244. According to the available figures, The continent which gradually increasing in population is :

A. Europe
B. North America
C. Asia *
D. Africa

1245. The practice of humiliating rituals as part of the socialization process in total institutions is known as:

A. Social Mobility
B. Degradation ceremony *
C. Culture lag
D. None of these

1246. A large, well-organized religion that is not officially affiliated with the government or state is known as:

A. Counterculture
B. Cohabitation
C. Denomination *
D. None of these

1247. Density of population is very much related to :

A. Climate *
B. Cultural background
C. Political system
D. Form of government

1248. Which one of the following does not influence the density of population very much ?

A. Rainfall
B. Humidity *
C. Soil fertility
D. Attitude of the people

1249. One important cause of increase in world population is that the society :

A. Has become more modernized
B. Is changing from rural to urban phase
C. Has made technological advancement
D. Has controlled death rate

1250. Social benefit of population statistics is that :

A. We come to know about child mortality *
B. We gather information about industrialization
C. We gather information about the consumption need of the people
D. Identification of the sources of taxes become possible